Viajando seguro en México

expertmexHallo Zusammen!

Mich reizt Mexico schon seit langer Zeit - bis jetzt konnte ich meine Freundin allerdings noch nie überreden mit mir dort Urlaub zu verbringen da es ihr zu unsicher ist. Ist die ec90deluxesecuritybeltKriminalität dort wirklich so hoch dass man als Tourist Angst haben muss oder kann man dort mittlerweile sicher Urlaub machen?

thHello all!

For a long time I have been interested in travelling to Mexico, until nows I could not convince my friend to take vacations there with me, it si too dangerous for her. Is crime so high that as a tourists we should be afraid or is it safe at the moment?

MexIt is frequent to find such questions in traveller forums about security issues. With all the bad news about Mexico many people don´t dare to come. We won´t lie here to you, there are extremely dangerous zones and "no go areas" in Mexico where even we Mexicans take plenty of precautions.

The answer is very simple, do not attempt to visit these specific areas under any circumstances and much less during night time. Another useful tip is to carry the most useful tool or weapon of them all... common sense, or in other words good judgment. Since cultural values and moral are different in each country, so is the degree of awareness and common sense applied. following certain guidelines will protect you regardless of where you are.

Here are some Safety tips from Expertmex if you are travelling in Mexico.

  1. Some research on the country´s risks and awareness of emergency services available before you arrive would be recommended.
  2. If there is the possibility, try to arrive during day time. (more…)